Goods Service

Loading and Unloading Services
Service activities of loading and unloading of goods from the ship to the moment handed over to the owner of the goods.
1. Stevedoring, the activities carried out since unpacking / loading on the hatch of the ship to remove ganco in the dock.
2. Corgodoring, ie arrange the goods from the dock to the warehouse / field or vice versa.
3. Receiving / Delivery, which is the job of delivering or receiving goods at the line I warehouse from / to the top of the truck or vice versa.

Pier Service
Goods handling service at the pier.
Features: Arranges the smooth flow of goods on the dock.

Stacking Services
Warehouse service in the warehouse until removed from the container to be loaded or handed over to the owner.
1. Determine the space where the buildup.
2. Manage the use and order of the congestion space.
3. Determine the correctness of the number of koli sizes, packaging conditions and types of goods that exit / go to and from the stack and the size of the unloaded goods.
4. Pick up and receive lease of pile and dock money in accordance with applicable provisions.

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