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New Boom port Palembang, Musi River is located at a distance of approximately 108 Km from the mouth of the river kea rah upstream. Ports that belong to the municipal Administrative Territory as Palembang of South Sumatra Province with geographical 02 “-58“-48 S and 104“-46 “36 BT. the forerunner to the port of Palembang,which is now already known from the 7th century to the 10th century A.d. in the golden age of the Kingdom of Srivijaya, a center of trade among Nations and the cultural centre of Buddhism. The port, in 683M are not conveniently located now but rather to the Upper ditepi River Stairs Buntung (site of Srivijaya). The next period of many centuries later in the year 1821 the harbour moved to Teak Boom in front of the Castle (the hospital AK. GANI now). In 1914 it moved again to the lower reaches of the Salt Cellar. It was only in 1924 Port location was moved to the new Boom until recently, the reinforcement of the territory designated by the Governor-General of the Netherlands East Indies the year 1924 in Staatblad Number 545 year 1924. In the history of its development, there are several instances of the processing Port as follows:


by the Government of the Netherlands (Haven Meester)
by the Government of Japan (Uhno Butai)
transitional period
by Haven Meester
by the Harbour
by the port Office
by PN. Port
by the Harbour (Port Authority)
by Concession of the port (BPP)
by Perum Port II (Persero) (PP. 15-year 1983)
Port Indonesia by PT. II (Persero) (PP. 57/1991)
Legal aspects of the activities of informing Port Indonesia PT. II (Persero) is:


ACT number 21 of the year 1992 about Cruise
PP 70-year 1996 number of Kepelabuhan
KEPMEN number 26 on the Organization of sea ports
KEPMEN number 27 on the Organization of the Special Port
Since the founding of PT Indonesia Port II (Persero) has 12 regional offices and is headquartered in Jakarta and have commercial units in 10 provinces. Branch Office port of first-class and standard service procedures have been based on the ISO 9002.

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