IPC Palembang managed to obtain award in the Innovative Business Excellent Awards 2019 for the category "The Commited Company for Contributing Community Development of The Year 2019"

Palembang, South Sumatra – Indonesia, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) Palembang Branch/IPC Palembang against the benefit of the community of Palembang and its surroundings, no doubt because the IPC Palembang managed to obtain the award/award at the Innovative Business Excellent Awards 2019 for the category “The Commited Company for Contributing Community Development of The Year 2019″, based on an independent survey and assessment conducted by the Indonesia Development Achievement Foundation. The awards were given at the Merapi Ballroom Hotel Novotel Semarang, Central Java, Friday, January 25, 2019.

This award is a form of appreciation and recognition given top concern at once a real contribution to society and Palembang IPC the environment through Community Development or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) along 2018 years ago. The assessment methodologies used in granting this award refers to several criteria, among others: integrity, work ethic, mutual, the applicability of the application and program observation made through social media websites, observations, as well as activities on a commercial and non-commercial community, the results of which are capable of providing real positive impact for the community at large.

In early January 2019, IPC then Kilkenny has won awards for the category “The Best Indonesia Port Company Excellent in Service of the Year”, at the Indonesia 50 Best Companies Award organized by 2019 Indonesia party Achievement Center, in Medan, North Sumatra.

General Manager IPC Palembang, Agus Edi Santoso, who received the award directly convey the gratitude for the return received by IPC of Palembang earlier in the year 2019. According to him this award represents a benchmark for compliance programs Community Development/CSR IPC Palembang who have recognized and direct benefits perceived by the community. “This award will further improve the spirit of IPC Palembang to continue to contribute to society and the environment through a variety of CSR programs. As a STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISE, IPC Palembang not only Chase profit, but we also have a responsibility to be able to join in empowering communities in particular communities that reside around the area of our work. Therefore, the IPC of Palembang is strongly committed to continue to improve the community empowerment as well as concern for the environment through the CSR programs to realize the sustainability development “, said Agus Edi Santoso.

On the same occasion, CEO of the Indonesia Development Achievement Foundation, Yuli Nurlina, in the words of his speech reveals a apresiasinya to the IPC Palembang. According to him, the IPC Kilkenny is one of the STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES are active in terms of implementing CSR and Community Development activities both for the education sector, public facilities and infrastructure, humanitarian and social in Palembang and its surroundings.

One of the leading CSR programs undertaken by IPC Palembang was a concern in the field of education that is applied through the program ‘ Scholarships LOVE IPC ‘, i.e. a program that addressed in order to improve the quality of education students/students in Palembang, South Sumatra, particularly in building the younger generation in order to have a good soft skills and qualified, in addition to the capabilities of the hard skills generally acquired through academic path like in General. Through this program as many as 50 students/students from the level of ADMIN/equal achievers but are less able to economically in addition to raise funds scholarship (pocket money) and school supplies will also be given educational soft skill during 1 (one) year in the form of character building, leadership development and community empowerment. According to Agus Edi Santoso, a scholarship program by following the LOVE this entire expected IPC students/students later in addition to being able to improve the quality of education was also able to improve the quality of themselves so that they can contribute best to the people and the State. “Society desperately needs the opportunity to obtain a decent education at the same time the development of quality self (self quality development) to give birth to the next generation of the nation’s best. It is our responsibility to give the opportunity to students/students are achievers but have limitations in the economy, “he said.

Other than in the form of educational assistance, implementation of social responsibility as well manifested Kilkenny IPC in the form of civic and social programs and infrastructure development is common in Palembang and its surroundings, such as implementation of the market Cheap Ramadan for the underprivileged of the community, compensation for orphans, delivery of animal Sacrifices when Hari Raya Iedul-Adha, activities Field Trip for students/elementary school students in the framework of the introduction of the industry’s leading, and kepelabuhanan construction stops at a rock climbing venues in the Sport City of Palembang and Geographically the provision of t-shirts and hats for supporting official in order to support the implementation of the XVIII Asiad 2018 years ago. “A form of social responsibility that we do is a form of implementation of one of the corporate values (corporate value) PT Indonesia Port II (Persero), Nationalism (nationalism). The value of this nationalism is manifested in the form of real companies in the program make the Central Government especially in the national program of national development, one of which in the form of the real contribution of the corporate social responsibility of the State for pungkas community, “Agus Edi Santoso.

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