Corporate Vision, Mission & Value


To be world class port operator which excellence in operational and services.


Ensuring the quality of port services with excellent logistics network to meet the expectations of key stakeholders (customers, shareholders, workers, partners and regulators).

Corporate Value

Cinta IPC's Logo

  • Customer Centric “Meet Customer Expectation”
  1. Proactively seek out and understand the needs of customers to provide innovative solutions;
  2. Build long-term relationships with customers;
  3. Consistently providing the best service and quality to help customers grow and thrive.
  • Integrity “Walk The Talk”
  1. Foster trust by saying what we feel and do what we say;
  2. Showed a professional attitude and honest in interacting with internal and external parties;
  3. Behave discipline and adherence to the code of conduct of business in doing our daily work.
  • Nationalism “National Pride”
  1. Cultivate the spirit and contribute to the success of government programs in national development;
  2. Fostering a sense of pride and the spirit of nationalism in the works;
  3. Continues to grow and competewith world-class port management company.
  • Team Work “Together We Can”
  1. Collaborate in the team to get the best result;
  2. Working together generate implementable ideas for solutions needs of users port services;
  3. The spirit of togetherness and respect for others.
  • Action “Make It Happen”
  1. Dare to dream and strive to make it happen;
  2. Proactive to find ways in realizing the company’s vision;
  3. Make breakthroughs and significant step in pushing the development of the company.


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